Drilling Procurement Services

Drilling Services (Offshore /Onshore)

We have grown into a full oilfield services and management company that provides Consulting, Engineering, Well Services Oilfield Maintenance, Training, Procurement and drilling management solutions.

1. Supply of Personnel for Drilling Projects:
Drilling operators: Onshore & Offshore
–    Management (Drilling management, Completion management, Reservoir Management, production management, etc… )
–    Supervision (drilling, completion, reservoir, production, etc…)
–    Engineering (drilling, completion, reservoir, fluid, cementation, production, piping, subsea-while offshore-, structure, surface facilities -E&I, civil, etc… – )
–    Supervision
–    F&C
–    Well testing
–    HSE
–    Security
–    Cost Control
–    Procurement
–    Logistic

Drilling Contractor: Land rigs, platforms, Jack up, Semi-submersible, Drillship
–    Marine crew
–    Drilling crew
–    Maintenance crew

Drilling Services – F&C / UBD / MWD-LWD / ML / WT / SL / WL / CT
– Management
– Engineering
– Supervision
– Operations

2. Supply of Service engineering

– Inspection
– Engineering
– Repair
– Maintenance
– In some cases, recertify

This holds for any equipment on Rigs that needs servicing and any major equipment from drilling services companies

3. Provision of Engineering Services:

– Verification process & Pre engineering
– Gathering & reviewing offset wells data
– Checking concession contracts
– Checking validity of permit to drill or what is required to apply for it.
– Gather all information related to local laws and regulations.
– Gather budgetary information
– Gather all information from geological team (target, trajectory, objectives, potential issues, etc)
– Local P & A requirements
– Go/ No Go

II) Conceptual design
– Confirmation of trajectory
– Initial well schematic
– Initial cost estimate
– Initial casing and casing shoe selection.
– Simulation

III) In Depth engineering
– Selection of casing weight and grade, well head design, completion design
– Preparation of all the technical requirements for services and materials
– Preparation of detailed drilling program, including drilling procedures and services supplier assessment schedule
– Final cost estimate.
– QA/AC done by an engineer that did not participate in the project and who gives his comment on the proposed design &drilling program.
– Subsea Engineering
– Production Engineering
– Reservoir Engineering

IV) Studies & Designs
– Feasibility Studies
– Field development plans
– Cost estimation
– Casing and completion design
– Drilling, re entry & Completion programmers
– Relief well planning
– Well test planning
– Well stimulation & fracking
– Full SOW for turnkey projects
– SPS – 5 year periodic Surveys

V) Specialized Engineering:
– F&C studies & program Designs
– Logging
– Reservoir Engineering
– Geological Studies
– HSE Studies

4. Inspection, Assessment, Repair, Overhaul and Maintenance Services
– Overhaul of complete drilling equipment systems
– Access to all key wear parts
– Full engineering, electro, PLC, software and test capabilities
– Overhaul can be performed at site, offshore, or at own drilling equipment workshop

– Efficient change-­out of drilling equipment
– Complete range of service engineers incl. riggers, hydraulics, rope access, NDT, electrical & software
– Perform all testing & commissioning, as well as control system tuning and troubleshooting

– Service personnel within all disciplines available 24-­7
– International service  network
– Spare & wear parts
– Technical support 24-­7
– Tool, electro and equipment containers fore hire
-Surveys and inspections

5. Drilling Fluid Services

– mud Engineering & mud program preparation
– Solid control and waste management services (we do have equipment to do on line cutting treatment services of OBM and other equipment. Additionally, we use a Swiss technology to clean tools and tanks based on frozen CO2 flakes.
– Provision of chemicals for WBM, including LCMs)
– Provision of OBM services.

6. Drilling Services

– Cementing

–    Cementing API laboratory
–    Spacer API laboratory tests
–    Acidizing API laboratory test
–    Laboratory Training
–    Laboratory Supervision
–    Customer Well data collection and evaluation
–    Operation Case History Evaluation
–    Cementing Software Design
–    Cementing Design for Primary and Remedial Operation
–    Cementing Program for Primary and Remedial Operation
–    Cementing and Acidizing Training Class
–    Equipment Design
–    Cementing Preparation Supervision
–    Cementing Operation Supervision
–    Acidizing Preparation Supervision
–    Acidizing Operation Supervision
–    Cementing and Acidizing Operative Program
–    Operation HSE
–    Cementing and Acidizing Chemicals Sales
–    Pressure Pumping Equipment Sales
–    Down Hole Tools
–    Gravel Pack Design

– DTR and Fishing

– Provision and support of all types of Down hole tool equipments: NB and String Stabs, Roller reamers, jars, Drill Pipe, Drill Collar, Drill String etc. We are in partnership with ACE, OGI, SALTIRE, TTSL, POSS etc.

– Mud Logging

– Engineering
– Equipment
– Personnel
– Operation support

7. Training Services
Health and Safety

–    International Oil & Gas Certificate
–    International General Certificate
–    Health & Safety at Work Qualification
–    Risk Analysis
–    Safety Case
–    Audit SPEC drilling rigs Onshore / Off shore
–    Safety impact assessment
–    HSE Management System
–    HSE Policy and Procedures
–    HSE Software: e-Compliance / BowTie XP

Well Control Introductory IWCF & IADC Level 2
Well Control IWCF & IADC Level 3, 4

Fundamentals of Drilling
–    Training Program for Drilling crew
–    Hands on Training
–    MPD, MWD, CTD

–    Drilling Fluids Laboratory induction
–    Stuck Pipe Prevention
–    Fishing Practices
–    Well Design
–    Advanced Directional Drilling
–    Advanced Drill String Mechanics
–    Advanced Casing Design
–    Drilling Performance & Optimization
–    Advanced Survey Management

Basic and introductory courses
–    Introduction to geophysics for interpreters and petroleum engineers
–    Introduction to seismic: acquisition, processing, interpretation
–    Seismic processing for seismic interpreters
–    Introduction to seismic data interpretation
–    Advanced seismic processing: with seabed, broadband, 4D, onshore
–    Onshore seismic processing:
–    Micro seismic processing, interpretation and applications
–    Onshore seismic survey design
–    Seismic interpretation
–    Petroleum Geo-mechanics
Field courses
–    Practical Land Seismic Acquisition
–    Practical Seismic Processing

Fundamentals of Petroleum Geo-mechanics
–    Fundamentals of cementing
–    Cementing & Laboratory induction
–    Advanced Cementing
–    Cement Mechanical Integrity
–    API/ISO Cementing standards
–    Fluids & Cementing Qualification in HP / HT environment
–    Drilling Fluids & Cement Engineering for Drilling Engineers

Reservoir Engineering
Well Test Analysis
–    PVT Analysis
–    Relative Permeability Calculation
–    Drive Mechanism
–    Enhanced Drive Mechanics