Turbine & Compressor

Real Vantage specializes in upgrading and turnkey engineered projects for modernization of gas and steam turbine control systems.

RV specializes in modernizing and refurbishing controls and turbine systems to increase the reliability and life of turbo machinery. RV upgrades are designed to eliminate obsolescence, provide high reliability, eliminate problematic equipment and improve turbine operation.

RV applies extensive engineering expertise to all areas of turbo machinery upgrading, and  full range of control and turbine system upgrades custom designed to meet the needs of most gas and steam turbines.

RV philosophy is to apply proven, commercially available hardware, together with an in-depth specialist knowledge of the turbo machinery to deliver a fully engineered packaged retrofit and supported by dedicated technical support.

Real Vantage expertise covers most gas turbines, including;

  • GE Frame and LM series
  • Rolls-Royce Avon, Olympus
  • Ruston TA, TB series
  • Alstom (ABB, BBC) GT Series
  • Solar Saturn, Centaur

RV proven upgrades for gas turbines include:

  • Control systems,
  • Fuel valves & fuel systems,
  • Water injection systems,
  • Steam injection systems,
  • Fuel conversions,
  • Instrumentation,
  • Vibration systems,
  • Ignition,
  • Flame detection systems.

We recognize the critical nature of the products and services we provide and the need to promote and preserve the confidence of our customers. We fulfill this commitment through:

  • Being a Value-added supplier providing 100% quality tour customers
  • Prevention versus Detection to prevent errors
  • Stringent Quality requirements imposed on our supplier base
  • Specific quality procedures tailored to meet your needs

Our past two decades of untiring services have built sufficient financial stability one may require in a supplier.

Commitment and full attention to each project are the prime reason for RV to become one of the leading experts in steam and hydro turbine upgrading and retrofits.


Screw compressor modules & Reciprocating Gas Compressor

Modules for power industry used for onshore and offshore facilities and installations.

Rang of Compressor Products:

  • Screw Compressors Packages
  • Reciprocating Compressor Packages
  • Gas Engines or Electric Motor drives

Gas Compressor Solutions:

  • Compressor Anti-Surge control
  • Compressor Station control
  • Electrical load control
  • Electrical load balancing and load shedding